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JEG'S/Kaase SB-Ford Cylinder Heads

JEGS Performance Products
JEG'S/Kaase SB-Ford Cylinder Heads

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The Highest Flowing Small Block Ford Head Available!

The Jeg's/Kaase A356 aluminum cylinder heads are a totally new Windsor-style canted valve head design that greatly improves flow and velocity! The intake valve is now situated back towards the intake manifold and actually gains cylinder bore clearance as it opens.

This allows the air/fuel mixture to flow more freely into the center of the bore rather than crashing into the chamber wall and running down the cylinder. The exhaust valve is positioned closer to the exhaust port and canted for a better scavenging effect. The best part is you can use any SBF 1.6 or 1.7 ratio, 7/16'' stud-mounted roller rockers and existing off-the-shelf intake manifolds and headers. The valvetrain geometry is engineered to place the pushrod and rocker arm at a perfect 90°, resulting in no side load to the guide plate or valve guide for flawless high RPM duty without unneccessary wear-and-tear on parts. Complete heads include bronze valve guides, 7° locks for hydraulic roller and 10° locks for solid roller, steel retainers, 7/16'' rocker studs and 3/8'' guide plates. Our new race-inspired heads require their own style valve covers because of the new rocker arm placement and their clearance requirements, the outdated stock design wouldn't fit!

  • 247cc intake runners, Click Here For Intake Runner Image
  • 1.375'' square exhaust ports, Click Here For Exhaust Port Image
  • 60cc chambers
  • 2.10''/1.60'' stainless steel valves
  • 1.535'' springs w/.750'' max lift for Solid Roller Cams
  • 1.460'' springs w/.610'' max lift for Hydraulic Roller Cams
  • Outflows many Big Block heads; 331 cfm intake and 210 cfm exhaust @ .800'' lift

    Click Here to read Jon Kaase's article about the Jeg's/Kaase heads!

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    JEGS/Kaase Valve Covers

    JEGS Performance Products 50115 - JEG'S/Kaase SB-Ford Cylinder Heads
    JEGS/Kaase Small Block Ford Valve Covers
  • Requires Gaskets P/N 720-596G
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