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KRC Idler & Tensioner Pulley Kits

KRC Idler & Tensioner Pulley Kits

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Why is an idler tensioner necessary?
KRC's idler tensioner is essential on dirt cars. Belt slippage can occur on cars that exceed 7,000 RPM and/or use a large or heavy fixed fan blade or a fan blade with a lot of pitch, which potentially causes overheating & pulleys to wear faster. This occurs on both single drive belt and pulley systems with a power steering pump mounted on the front of the engine.

The reason for this problem is the centrifugal force from the fan as it decelerates. The fan belt and pulleys are required to work like brake shoes to slow the fan. The belt stretches so it slips while braking, inducing heat into the belt. The belt will continue to stretch as the race goes on, causing engine temperature to slowly climb. KRC's extensive testing has proven the only way to properly tension the belt to prevent slippage is with an idler pulley mounted on the passenger side of the engine. This helps the engine run cooler and keeps the belt tighter, allowing faster acceleration out of turns & harder braking on corners.

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Replacement Idler Pulleys
KRC 40305000 - KRC Idler & Tensioner Pulley Kits
Replacement Idler Pulley
  • 76mm
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