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Kenny Brown IRS Rear Steer Kits

Kenny Brown Performance
Kenny Brown IRS Rear Steer Kits

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"Rear steer" can impair handling. The Kenny Brown Rear Steer Kit is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of rear steer induced by rear body roll under hard cornering.

  • Adds stability
  • Improves handling and grip
  • Simplifies rear toe adjustment
  • Lowers inner tie-rod pickup point to help reduce rear toe steer
  • High-strength tie-rod bar & quality inner tie-rod bearing
  • Utilizes existing outer tie-rod end
  • Adjustable for standard height and lowered vehicles
  • Durable powdercoating

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    Kenny Brown Performance HKB49550 - Kenny Brown IRS Rear Steer Kits
    IRS Rear Steer Kit
  • 1999-2004 Mustang SVT Cobra
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