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Kestrel 4250 and 4250B Racing Weather Tracker

Kestrel 4250 and 4250B Racing Weather Tracker

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The First Step to Optimizing Performance, knowing the current environmental conditions can often be the difference between finishing in the money and just finishing. Even slight changes in air density, water grains, and density altitude can dramatically affect a machine's performance. With the added ability to easily measure and track these and other critical factors, such as absolute pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and barometric pressure, the Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker arms racers with the accurate weather data needed to make those last minute jetting or tuning decisions.

The Kestrel 4250B Racing Weather Tracker has the same great weather data features with integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, both real-time and logged data can be transferred wirelessly and automatically to a laptop or PDA. Every Bluetooth® wireless enabled Kestrel will include custom communication software designed to quickly and easily configure your data transmission frequency, download logged data, graph data, and transfer data to other applications. Data transmission range adjustment allows you to maximize power to communicate with your Kestrel at up to a 30 feet range, or reduce power for closer, more secure operation. Individual unit IDs ensure you pair with the Kestrel you want, even when more than one system is operating in the same area.

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Kestrel 08425 - Kestrel 4250 and 4250B Racing Weather Tracker
4250 Racing Weather Tracker

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