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LSM Racing Products Valve Spring Tool

LSM Racing Products
LSM Racing Products Valve Spring Tool

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Save time and frustration with this effective valve spring changing tool. Designed to easily change heavy duty racing valve springs on assembled engines. Innovative design frees up both hands for installing and removing retaining locks.
Made in the USA.

7 Products

Valve Spring Changing Tool
  • Small Block Chevy w/ Jesel and T&D
  • Buick w/ Jesel
  • Dodge W-8 w/ Jesel
  • FE Ford Jesel only
  • Chrysler Indy 440-1 head w/ Jesel
  • Barton Hemi (exhaust side only) with Slight Modification
  • $203.99
    Order Today Ships 04/14/15

    Valve Spring Tool
  • LS1/LS6
  • $226.99
    Order Today Ships 04/09/15

    Valve Spring Changing Tool
  • Big Chief/Oldsmobile Heads
  • Includes 2 Bases for Intake and Exhaust
  • $292.99
    Order Today Ships 04/07/15

    Big Chief set
  • includes 2 complete tools
  • 1 SC-500 and 1 SC-501
  • $383.99

    Valve Spring Changing Tool
  • Small Block Pontiac with T&D
  • Windsor Ford with Jesel, T&D
  • Allan Johnson SBC with T&D
  • FE Ford with T&D
  • Chrylser B-1 with T&D 5/8'' shaft system
  • Fred Brewer AMC with T&D
  • $203.99
    Order Today Ships 04/09/15

    Valve Spring Changing Tool
  • BB-Chevy w/ Jesel, T&D
  • Small Block Chevy canted/splayed valve
  • SB2 w/ T&D, SB2 w/ Jesel Straight Rocker
  • Chevy V6 w/ Jesel, T&D
  • Yates Ford w/ Jesel, T&D
  • P5 Dodge w/ Jesel
  • Ford C460 exhaust only w/ T&D, Jesel
  • $203.99

    Valve Spring Changing Tool
  • Fits All 7/16'' Stud Mounted Rocker Systems
  • $203.99

    7 Products