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Lunati Micro-Trol Hydraulic Lifters

Lunati Micro-Trol Hydraulic Lifters

Lunati Micro-Trol Hydraulic Lifters are designed for performance applications that require precise oil control. To gain higher RPM potential and maximum performance, these lifters are engineered with the plunger held in place by a full-contact snap ring; the snap ring is an integral part of the lifter. This design is more durable than wire clip locking rings that can come apart at high RPM and destroy the lifter.

  • For performance applications where precise oil control is an absolute necessity
  • Full-contact snap ring provides a more robust design & greater RPM potential
  • Longer piston creates a larger surface area to better distribute load
  • Better oil control prevents over-oiling at high speeds

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    Lunati 71817-1 - Lunati Micro-Trol Hydraulic Lifters
    Micro-Trol Hydraulic Lifter
    Chevrolet/GM: 194-292 L6, 200-262 V6, 262-454 V8
  • Diameter: .842"
  • Seat Height: 1.99"
  • Weight: 94 grams
  • 1/pkg
  • $7.99

    1 Product