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MSD Digital DIS Ignition Control

MSD Ignition
MSD Digital DIS Ignition Control

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Maximize your vehicle's distributorless ignition system with MSD's powerful new ignition controls; the MSD DIS-2. This Ignition Control features Multi-Channel capability, and can deliver up to 480 volts to the primary side of most DIS type dual output coils. With its two channels, the MSD Digital DIS-2 is designed for use on all 4-cylinder applications using 2 coils.

This DIS Ignitions feature the race proven capacitive discharge, multiple spark design of the MSD 6 Series Ignitions. Each spark of the MSD Digital DIS Ignitions is packed with up to 115 millijoules of spark energy, resulting in more efficient combustion to produce more power. To improve low speed throttle response, smooth out the idle and stop low speed spark plug fouling, engineers included MSD's proven multiple spark discharge feature. This race tested design produces a series of full power sparks that last for 20° of crankshaft rotation to ensure complete combustion of the fuel mixture!

    The DIS-2 features an adjustable built-in Soft Touch Rev Control to protect the engine from overrev damage caused by missed shifts or broken driveline components. This feature produces a smooth rev-limiting action by randomly dropping one cylinder at a time and then refiring that cylinder on the next firing cycle. This feature is easily adjusted with simple program switches mounted on the side of the unit.
    In some instances when you install an MSD ignition, the factory ECU may not be able to distinguish when the coil fires. This is the signal that is also responsible for firing the injectors (or the tachometer), which may cause a no-run situation. The Dual Channel Ignition Adapter simulates the original coil trigger signal thus allowing the ECU to properly trigger both the tach and fuel injection with the MSD DIS ignition installed. In most cases, the adapter plugs directly into the MSD's harness. For vehicles using MSD DIS-2 Ignitions, only one adapter is required (P/N 121-8912).
    The Two Step function of the MSD Digital DIS Ignition allows you to activate a low RPM limit while staging and waiting for the light to turn green. This popular feature gives you a distinct advantage over your competition by permitting you to control your engine's RPM precisely before every launch. With a fixed RPM limit at the starting line, each launch will be consistent and quick! The RPM limit is easy to adjust in 250 RPM increments with switches built into the side of the housing.
    Precise timing control is essential to producing maximum engine power. With the addition of nitrous, turbos or supercharger systems, timing becomes even more critical. To get the most out of your engine, the ignition must be able to compensate for these extreme changes in cylinder pressure throughout the engine's entire RPM range. During low speed operation, the MSD DIS Ignitions use the factory ignition to control basic timing functions. Once maximum timing is achieved, the DIS-2 can be programmed to retard the timing at a specific rate and RPM point to prevent engine damage due to detonation caused by excessive timing.
    A built-in LED monitor is a useful tool to determine the status of the charging and ignition systems. When the battery voltage drops below 8 volts, the LED will begin flashing at a rate of two times per second, letting you know that the charging system is not operating properly or that the battery has failed. Also, if any of the ignition's channels lose their trigger input, the LED will flash at a rate of one flash per second.

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