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MSD Universal Spark Plug/Coil Wire Sets

MSD Ignition
MSD Universal Spark Plug/Coil Wire Sets

MSD's Universal Spark Plug Wire Sets are available in your choice of black or red wire for a variety of applications and include a spark plug terminal and installed boot with one open end. The set also includes distributor cap boots and terminals so the wire can cut to a specified length and installed with the supplied mini-stripper-crimper.

MSD's Replacement Spark Plug Wires and Coil Wires are made with the same Super Conductor wire as their universal and pre-made sets, just longer than normal for custom tailoring when you need that extra length.

  • Only 40-50 ohms resistance per foot of wire (lowest of any helically-wound wire)
  • MSD Ignition Copper alloy conductors result in less spark energy loss so more reaches spark plugs
  • Over 40 feet of conductor per foot of wire
  • Conductors are wrapped around ferro-magnetic center cores, which effectively suppresses electro magnetic interference
  • Outer sleeves consist of silicone and synthetic material for a strong resistance to heat, abrasion, and tearing.

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    Red Universal Spark Plug Wire Sets

    Red Universal 8.5mm Spark Plug Wire Set
  • Chrysler Dual Plug Hemi
  • Distributor Boots: 90° HEI (Male Post)
  • Plug Boots: Hemi tubes
  • $365.95
    Replacement/Bulk Wire

    Super Conductor 8.5mm Wire
  • 300'
  • Black
  • $403.95

    Super Conductor 8.5mm Wire
  • 300'
  • Red
  • $396.95

    3 Products