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Mallory Front Drive COMP 9000 Distributor Kits

Mallory Front Drive COMP 9000 Distributor Kits

The Mallory Front Drive COMP 9000 Distributor is designed for the Big Block and Small Block Chevy engines with The "JESEL" Camshaft Belt Drive Kits. The Comp 9000 Distributor will relocate the spark plug wires and distributor to the front the engine giving you more firewall clearance for those tight fitting engine swaps. The COMP 9000 will also give you more room to run large runner aftermarket intake manifolds. The large diameter cap is one of the largest in the industry and is specially designed with the counterbalanced rotor that will interlock with an adapter shield to eliminate arcing. The spark plug wire retainer will keep your wires in place on even the most severe racing conditions.

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Distributor Kits

Front Drive COMP 9000 Distributor Kit
  • Small Block Chevy 262-400 Engines
  • $397.99
    Order Today Ships 04/27/15
    Replacement Belt

    Mallory Beltdrive Replacement Belt
  • Fits Distributor Kits 650-20900 and 650-20901
  • $32.99
    Order Today Ships 03/12/15

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