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Mallory HyFire 6EZ/6EZL Digital CD Ignition Systems

Mallory HyFire 6EZ/6EZL Digital CD Ignition Systems

Compatible with points, magnetic crank trigger, OE & aftermarket electronic ignition systems, Mallory HyFire CD (capacitor discharge) Ignition provides the simplest installation. The plug-and-play ignition box requires no splicing into the vehicle's factory wiring harness, and microprocessor-controlled circuitry offers the best digital performance at half the cost.

6EZ and 6EZL Shared Specifications
  • For points, OE, or aftermarket distributors with external coil (not for HEI distributors with internal coil)
  • Utilizes the factory external coil to trigger the system
  • Lightweight aluminum housing dissipates heat for durability
  • Microprocessor circuitry provides performance using less power
  • No connections to vehicle's wiring harness... just power up & go!
  • High-output multispark for faster acceleration & throttle response
  • Includes ProMaster E-Coil and installation kit

    6EZL Variation
  • Easy-to-adjust rev limiter from 4,500-12,000 RPM (no chips required)

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    HyFire CD Ignition Boxes

    HyFire 6EZ Digital CD Ignition
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