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Mallory Magnetic Breakerless Distributors

Mallory Magnetic Breakerless Distributors

Magnetic breakerless distributors were designed for those who need a complete magnetic pickup ignition system. Combining Mallory's breakerless ignition circuit with modern surface mount Thermal-Clad construction, Mallory Distributors can drive both OE and high-performance coils. The YL bowl design and simple hookup allow it to fit many engine configurations. Mallory Electronic Magnetic Breakerless Distributors have mechanical advance curves preset for maximum performance, yet all Mallory Mechanical Advance Distributors adjust further to meet specific requirements.

  • Accurate spark timing
  • Increased spark plug life
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Improved combustion efficiency and cold weather starts
  • Self-lubricating bushings provide years of trouble-free service

  • 2 Products
    Comp S/S 42 Series Magnetic Distributors

    Comp S/S 42 Series Magnetic Distributor
  • 1955-74 Corvette V8, RH with Mechanical Tach
  • Adjustable Mechanical Advance
  • 2-Wire Hookup
  • $342.99
    50 Series Magnetic Breakerless Distributor

    50 Series Magnetic Breakerless Distributor
  • 1955-93 Chevy V8
  • Breakerless System with Magnetic Pickup & Module
  • Adjustable Mechanical Advance
  • 3-Wire Hookup
  • $302.99
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    2 Products