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Mallory Active Power Filter

Mallory Active Power Filter

The Mallory Active Power Filter is designed for Unilite ignition systems that experience failures with ignition modules from voltage spikes or power surges. Voltage spikes are associated with ''noisy'' electrical systems from electrical defects, such as worn or dirty alternator brushes, corroded or oxidized electrical connections, and similar electrical problems. They connect between the distributor female connector and the distributor wire harness male connector and then attach to the distributor easily with Velcro.

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Electrical Noise Filter

Active Power Filter
  • For Mallory 24, 37, 38, 45, 46 & 47 Series Unilite Distributors
  • Ballast Resistor Required
  • $34.99

    Circuit Guard
  • For Unilite, MBI & E-Spark Modules
  • Power Cell 611M recommended
  • $53.99

    2 Products