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McLeod Direct Fit Hydraulic Conversion Assemblies

McLeod Direct Fit Hydraulic Conversion Assemblies

Direct Replacement Mechanical To Hydraulic Clutch Components

McLeod Direct Fit Hydraulic Conversion Components are ideal for cars that have aging mechanical linkage or need extra space due to a motor swap or other changes. McLeod uses the very best components for easy installation and long service life.

McLeod hydraulic assemblies will provide an easy pedal effort when shifting through the gears and makes cruising a dream. An additional benefit when installing the McLeod hydraulic components is the self-adjusting bearing. No more adjusting the clutch every 4-6 months. The hydraulic kit enables the bearing to self-adjust when the disc wears throughout its life cycle.

McLeod offers two levels: Complete and Firewall. The complete kit includes the master cylinder, internal or external hydraulic slave cylinder, mounting brackets, remote reservoir, and all necessary mounting hardware. The firewall assembly includes everything from the complete kit except the slave cylinder. You'll need to choose a slave cylinder that matches your transmission.

  • Softer Pedal effort for more manageable and smoother clutch operation
  • Cleaner clutch disengagement
  • Self adjusting so no more pedal adjustments as the clutch wears
  • Steel braided lines can be routed around exhaust
  • Uses stock pedal, mounts through firewall in stock cable location
  • Direct bolt-in... no modification necessary!

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