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Moog Ball Joints

Moog Ball Joints

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The design and engineering features of these Moog Ball Joints ensure that they will deliver the performance and durability necessary to meet the demanding needs of customers.

The ball joint housings are forged and/or machined from a single block of fine-grain alloy steel, providing unequaled strength and durability. They also feature powdered-metal gusher bearings with grease grooves that resist wear better than conventional designs. Moog's innovative approach allows grease to flow through the bearing to the stud and provides a smooth, durable surface that extends service life. Moog's design also transfers the load to the housing and provides strength and stability. The patented pressed-in cover plates minimize radial and axial deflection, securing a solid-steering feel.

To seal ball joint boots, Moog uses polychloroprene and polyurethane-superior compounds that withstand dirt, abrasion, and temperature extremes. Boots also have grease relief valves so debris can be flushed out when the ball joints are serviced to help prevent contamination.

  • Engineered Steel Composition that result in a stronger component.
  • Full Ball metal stud provides 360 degrees of smooth, consistent, rotational movement resulting in more responsive steering.
  • Greaseable socket design allows new lubricant to flush contaminants from the assembly, reducing corrosion and wear.
  • Helps prevent loose or worn chassis parts that can lead to premature tire wear.

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