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Mopar Performance MPI Conversion Kits & Service Parts

Mopar Performance
Mopar Performance MPI Conversion Kits & Service Parts

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Designed to make your 1981-90 Jeep vehicle more efficient and powerful. The kit replaces the stock carburetor, intake manifold and other major components with multi-point injection (MPI). Each cylinder has its own injector that is activated sequentially according to the firing order to precisely control individual fuel requirements. These MPI Conversion Kits are self-compensating and run equally well from sea level to terrain above 12,000 feet. Mechanical components are based on production 1995 Jeep vehicle parts.

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MPI Conversion Service Parts

Fuel Pressure Regulator & Filter
  • Fits Jeeps w/ MPI Conversion Kit
  • Also Fits other Jeep Vehicles
  • Was: $123.99
    Now: $80.99

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