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Moroso Electronic Switch Panel

Moroso Electronic Switch Panel

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As racers and race car builder's Moroso knows that wiring a race car is the area that has given us the most problems over the years. They knew that there had to be a better way, so they teamed up with the leading manufacturer of Drag Racing timing equipment, Port-A-Tree Timing Systems. Together they developed the Moroso Electronic Switch Panel, an easy to install and use vehicle control unit capable of monitoring and controlling up to 10 switchable circuits in a race car. The system consists of the Main Control Unit containing expandable software and the choice of two required switch panels. Each required switch panel has 6 rocker style multi-color L.E.D. switches, whichever version is chosen, it communicates through a single cable, thereby, eliminating the need for complicated wiring. On the main control unit is a USB port, which allows the user to connect to a P/C compatible computer or tablet. Once connected the easy to use software prompts the user along.

  • Shipped "Ready to Use" with factory default settings and included software
  • Included easy to follow software allows circuit and switch placement, high/low warning settings, max amperage for each circuit, amperage testing - monitors current drawn through all circuits in a "LIVE" test
  • Controls 10 circuits and monitors power consumption (Amp Draw on Each Circuit), 120 amp max., 30 amp constant limit per circuit
  • Reduces the amount of time and headache required to wire a vehicle and uses less wire to control each device
  • Makes wiring neat and efficient, one wire from Switch Panel in the dashboard to Main Control Unit in another part of the race car
  • Circuits/switch functions can be changed via prompts in the software, user does not have to physically change wire routing in vehicle
  • Main Control Unit Links to Switch Panel with standard 9 Pin computer style cable, readily available from computer stores, 10 foot long cable is included, the Switch Panel is powered through this cable
  • Developed to use off the shelf, cost efficient, durable O.E.M. style sensors
  • Sensor connections are connected directly to the main control unit board via terminal strip
  • Main control unit uses standard Regular Blade type Automotive Fuses for ease of replacement on the road
  • Main control unit has a transparent cover so that each circuit's bi-color lights can be viewed for quick detection of circuit faults
  • Part No. 710-76025 Panel Mount Switches and Part No. 710-76050 Roll Bar Mount Switches both have bi-color lights on each switch to inform operator of circuit conditions:

    -Solid green = normal circuit operation
    -Slow flashing green = low circuit amperage draw
    -Fast flashing green = high circuit amperage draw
    -Solid red = hardware fault circuit shutdown
    -Slow flashing red = constant current circuit shutdown
    -Fast flashing red = short circuit shutdown

  • The ability to cut power to the main control unit, this "Kill Switch" circuit can be controlled by the Driver inside the race car and a second main control unit "Kill Switch" can be wired to a switch on the exterior of the car
  • Main control unit has a selectable cylinder mode for # of cylinders including rotary and a mode for 4 or 2 cycle engines
  • User defined 12 volt, 14 volt or 16 volt system
  • Disables starter when engine is running above user defined engine rpm.
  • Software will connect to up to 4 vehicles off 1 program, each vehicle having a separate registration code
  • Main control unit is housed in a study aluminum housing with built in heat sink, housing has a black anodized finish, removable

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