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NANO Nitrogen Assistance for Nitrous Oxide

NANO Nitrous
NANO Nitrogen Assistance for Nitrous Oxide

NANO eliminates the performance variations in your nitrous oxide system caused by constantly changing bottle pressures and temperatures. Bottle pressure is no longer an issue. Simply connect the NANO system, it instantly compensates for these variations so you get the full power potential of nitrous oxide power every time you hit the button and it utilizes the entire contents of the nitrous bottle.

  • Average 25% HP increase from your nitrous system
  • No more bottle heaters
  • Maintains perfect nitrous bottle pressure and nitrous density
  • Doubles your run time from a single nitrous bottle fill
  • Easily installs in 30 minutes, no electrical connections
  • Consistent performance from your nitrous system every run

    NANO doubles the runtime from a single nitrous bottle refill, traditional nitrous systems can only utilize about half the nitrous in the bottle. NANO's technology can utilize the full contents of a nitrous bottle without any loss in power.

    Quicker ETs with NANO, no more deterioration of power as your nitrous bottle empties. You get the same power response every time whether your nitrous bottle is full or almost empty.

    Increased Performance
  • Constant HP throughout the race, No drop in power
  • Consistent performance every run, Each run feels the same
  • Flows the same mass of nitrous all the time, even when bottle temperature and pressure varies
  • Utilizes all of the nitrous in the bottle, Doubles the number of runs
  • Consistent N2O flow allows for more precise tune, Tune it and forget it

    Easy to install... Bolts on in 30 minutes
  • Kit comes complete with all necessary parts
  • Easy to use universal mounting brackets
  • Completely mechanical, No electrical connections

    Easy to Use
  • System works with HPA (High Pressure Air) or NPN (High Pressure Nitrogen)
  • Fill your NANO bottle at local paintball stores, SCUBA shops, welding supply companies or fire equipment service and certification companies

    Flexible and Adaptable
  • Adjusts automatically to any nitrous tune from 30HP to 550HP
  • Fits any US made manufactures aftermarket system
  • Works perfect with any type nitrous controller

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    NANO Nitrous 1300306STEEL - NANO Nitrogen Assistance for Nitrous Oxide
    NANO -6AN Bottle Valve Nut
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