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NOS Cheater Dual Shot Systems

NOS Cheater Dual Shot Systems

Adjustable 100-250 Horsepower

The NOS Cheater Dual Shot Systems are the ideal way to maximize performance from the starting line all the way through the lights. It's like having two systems in one. The first stage is activated by a throttle switch on the carburetor and comes with jets to add from 100 - 150 extra horsepower for maximum traction off the line. Then, when the tires are hooked up, the driver pushes a button and the second stage takes over from the first in an instantaneous transition to provide a total extra power increase of 150 to 250 horsepower. Both stages can be adjusted to suit changing track conditions with simple jet changes that take only seconds to accomplish.

These kits include a throttle mounted micro-switch for activating the primary stage and a push-button switch for activating the second stage along with two Super Powershot solenoids for the first stage and two Cheater solenoids for the second stage. Also included are a variety of power jets, 10lb. capacity nitrous bottle, a thin 1/2'' injector plate, filters, fittings, switches, aircraft quality steel braided hose, and all other necessary hardware needed for a complete installation.

So if your car just can't keep up with the competition at the track, consider the advantages of the Dual Shot Cheater system. Don't be left wondering how you got outrun at the finish line!

  • Maximum Performance From Start to Finish Line
  • Like Having Two Systems in One
  • Both Stages are Adjustable
  • Includes Power Jet Variety
  • 1/2" Thick Injector Plate
  • Aircraft Quality Braided Hose
  • Includes Necessary Electrical Hardware

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    Cheater Dual Shot Systems

    Cheater Dual Shot System
  • Holley 4-bbl and late-model Carter AFB carbs
  • First Stage: 100-150HP
  • Second Stage: 150-250HP
  • $746.95
    Order Today Ships 10/19/15

    Cheater Dual Shot System
  • Holley Dominator® Carbs
  • First Stage: 100-150HP
  • Second Stage: 150-250HP
  • $847.95
    Order Today Ships 10/21/15

    2 Products