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NOS Nitrous Bottle Pressure ''Racer Safety'' Blow-Off Adapter

NOS Nitrous Bottle Pressure ''Racer Safety'' Blow-Off Adapter

The NOS "Racer Saftey" devices are designed to fit on the bottle valve. If your nitrous system creates too much pressure due to a rise in ambient temperature or the overuse of a bottle blanket/heater; one of these caps will allow it to bleed off through the vent tube, which must exit outside the vehicle. Both NHRA and IHRA require these blow-off caps when you run with nitrous oxide!

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Saftey Blow-Off Disc

Nitrous Bottle Safety Blow-Off Disc
  • 10oz, 1lb, 2lb, and 2.5lb Bottles
  • Aircraft Type Stainless Steel
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