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Permatex Gasket Supplies

Permatex Gasket Supplies

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Anaerobic Gasket Makers & Flange Sealants Anaerobic gasket makers and flange sealants were designed, with gap-filling properties allowing them to cure in the absence of air, for use on aluminum, iron, and steel flanged mating surfaces.

Gasket Makers Permatex® gasket makers offer significant performance advantages which include outstanding oil resistance, excellent torque retention and hi-temp, sensor-safe properties. Extended warranties, engine sensors and new component materials such as aluminum, bi-metal alloys and high-tech plastics, have created the need for superior RTV silicone gasket makers in both OEM production and service applications. Permatex always has the right gasket maker for your application.

Gasket Sealants When a chemical gasket is not an option, Permatex offers a wide range of gasket sealants suitable for applications on both import and domestic vehicles of any model year or performance caliber.

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Gasket Makers

Permatex 25224 - Permatex Gasket Supplies
Permatex® the Right Stuff® Gasket Maker
  • 7oz. Automatic Tube
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    Permatex 34310 - Permatex Gasket Supplies
    The Right Stuff® Gasket Maker
  • 10.1 oz. cartridge
  • Sold Each
  • $31.99
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    Permatex 51813 - Permatex Gasket Supplies
    Permatex® Anaerobic Gasket Maker
  • 50 ml tube
  • $14.99
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    Permatex 81878 - Permatex Gasket Supplies
    Ultra Copper RTV Silicone Gasket Maker
  • 3oz Tube
  • $6.59
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    Permatex 80697 - Permatex Gasket Supplies
    Permatex® Copper Spray-A-Gasket® Hi-Temp Adhesive Sealant
  • 9oz. Can
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    5 Products