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RHS Pro Elite SB-Chevy CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads

RHS Pro Elite SB-Chevy CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads

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Engineers at RHS have recently designed a 23-degree aluminum head for Small Block Chevy applications that is CNC-ported from the factory. The precision accuracy and durability of the new RHS Pro Elite 23-Degree CNC-Ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads for SBC are derived from the precision CNC-porting of the intake and exhaust runners, as well as the combustion chamber. These revolutionary cylinder heads are designed using the RHS exclusive Clean Cast Technology to deliver superior port-to-chamber transitions for greater airflow. The CNC-ported 228cc intake and 82cc exhaust runners optimize volume, atomization and velocity, while the 69cc combustion chambers are CNC-ported to relieve valve shrouding that occurs in "as cast" chambers when the edge of a valve is in close proximity to the combustion chamber wall. CNC-machining the combustion chamber also improves the airflow efficiency of the cylinder heads. The 2.055" multi-angle intake and 1.600" radiused exhaust valve seats allow for superior airflow, thereby significantly increasing horsepower. In addition, these 23-degree SBC heads feature a refined water jacket for better water flow that reduces engine hot spots while an extra-thick deck allows angle milling and improves head gasket retention in boosted and nitrous applications. RHS has designed a race-winning aluminum head that utilizes the latest in cutting-edge design technology to maximize airflow and boost horsepower in both circle track and drag racing classes.

Key Features:

  • CNC-ported 228cc intake & 82cc exhaust runners
  • The 2.055" multi-angle intake & 1.600" radius exhaust seats allow for superior airflow for more power
  • CNC-ported 69cc combustion chamber relieves valve shrouding & improves airflow efficiency
  • Clean Cast Technology delivers superior port-to-chamber transitions for greater airflow

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    Pro Elite Cylinder Head
  • SB-Chevy
  • Bare Head
  • 228cc Intake Runner
  • 69cc Chamber
  • 2.050 +.100 Intake Valves
  • 1.600 +.100 Exhaust Valves
  • Designed For 383-421 CID Engines
  • $933.99
    Order Today Ships 05/05/15

    1 Product