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Red Line Automatic Transmission Fluid

Red Line Oil
Red Line Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Red Line transmission fluid is designed to provide excellent low-temp shiftability and improved gear protection at higher temps. The synthetic base stocks used have tremendous thermal stability and provide the best film strength avalible. The unique combination of base stocks and additives allow them to be used for extened periods.

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D6 ATF: Recommended where the latest Dexron-VI is required, as well as where Ford Mercon SP, Toyota WS and Mercedes Benz NAG-2 fluids are specified, Red Line D6 ATF satisfies the requirements for many of the latest automatic transmissions that require consistent, low-viscosity fluids that are shear-stable. It provides the best low-temperature shiftability in automatic and manual transmissions which require ATFs. Also satisfies API 70W/75W GL-4 gear requirements
  • Most shear stable for consistent operation
  • Excellent low-temperature shiftability
  •   816-30706
    Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • D6 ATF
  • 5 gallon
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