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SA Design Books: Swap LS Engines into Camaros & Firebirds (1967-1981)

SA Design
SA Design Books: Swap LS Engines into Camaros & Firebirds (1967-1981)

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Helpful Hints for LS Engine Installation in 1967-81 F-Bodies

Many classic Camaro and Firebird enthusiasts want the latest and greatest in GM engine technology and performance, which is why modern engine swaps have become so popular. F-body cars readily accept GM's light, compact LS engines. LS V8 engines produce more horsepower per cubic inch than almost all other pushrod V8 engines! Thus combining an LS engine with a 1967-81 Camaro or Firebird yields extraordinary performance.

This book, Swap LS Engines into Camaros & Firebirds (1967-1981), provides excellent guidance for: determining the best engine within budget; choosing adapter plates and engine mounts; dropping the engine into the car; selecting the ideal transmission; and finalizing the swap. Author Eric McClellan explains how to: integrate the electronic engine control system on early F-body cars; install the exhaust, intake, and fuel pump; upgrade the cooling system to accommodate the high-performance LS engine; and ensure all car components are compatible with the engine.

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Book: Swap LS Engines into Camaros & Firebirds (1967-1981)
  • Author: Eric McClellan
  • Pages: 144
  • Photos: 409 B/W & Color
  • $23.99

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