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Speed-Pro Digital Diamond Profile Hypereutectic Pistons

Sealed Power
Speed-Pro Digital Diamond Profile Hypereutectic Pistons

Digital Diamond Profile (DDP) Technology is a digital actuated diamond turning process that produce precision skirt profiles. The barrel profile of the DDP piston promotes an oil wedge between the skirt and cylinder wall.

DDP pistons also feature Thermal Arching Compensation (TAC) ring groove geometry. Ring grooves machined with an uptilt to offset thermal "arching" distortion. Uptilt squares the ring face to the cylinder for increased power and decreased oil consumption.

Speed Pro's next generation Duroshield skirt coating is also added to reduce friction across entire RPM range. Increased wear resistance for long life and superior NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) reduction.

Precision machined pin bores allow fixed or floating wrist pin installation. Piston/pin assemblies are weight matched to 4 gram (+/- 2 gram) maximum variation within every engine set.

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350 SB-Chevy Flat Top Piston 4 Valve Reliefs, Designed For Maximum Compression and Performance, Press or Floating Pin Design. 661Grams, 1.5MM, 1.5MM, 3.0MM Ring lands, 9.58:1 w/64cc, 5.7 Rod, 4.000 Bore, 3.480 Stroke

DDP Piston Kit
  • 350 SB-Chevy
  • 4.030 Bore
  • Set of 8 Pistons and Rings
  • $328.99
    Order Today Ships 11/04/14

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