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Speed-Pro Powerforged AMC/Jeep Pistons

Sealed Power
Speed-Pro Powerforged AMC/Jeep Pistons

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Speed-Pro developed powerforged pistons and set the pace in powerforged technology. The high silicon VMS-75 alloy is found exclusively in pistons "powerforged" by Speed-Pro. Up to 3,000 tons of force forges aluminum slugs into the basic piston form which creates a grain flow pattern in the structure providing excellent strength, ductility and improved heat dissipation.

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Sealed Power L2380F30 - Speed-Pro Powerforged AMC/Jeep Pistons
401 cid Stock-Type Piston, .030'' Overbore
Piston Dia: 4.195"
Piston Top: +27.50cc, dish with no relief valves
Press Fit Pin
Ring Grooves: 5/64", 5/64", 3/16"
Sold as each
Order Today Ships 06/08/16

1 Product