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Barrett-Jackson Restoration Paint Kits

Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes
Barrett-Jackson Restoration Paint Kits

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The Barrett-Jackson Restoration Paint Kits are a simple system that removes all the guessing from being able to complete a new paint job. No more dealing with dozens of different chemicals and cans, the Barrett-Jackson kits have everything you need conveniently in 1 box. The kits include all the components required to mix automotive paint such as the reducer, mixing cup, stir sticks, gloves, gun strainers, paint and instruction booklet. The single stage color kits are offered in 12 of the top colors available, and an optional clear coat. The single stage paint kits do not require a clear coat, and is a professional quality urethane paint that is chemical resistant with a 4:1 mix ratio and 2.8 VOC compliant. Complete gray epoxy primer kit also available.

  • Kits include paint, reducer, mixing cup, stir sticks, gloves, gun strainers, and instruction booklet
  • Reduces application process to 2 steps with optional 3rd
  • The Single Stage Urethane Paint Kits do not require a clear coat
  • Optional Gray Epoxy Primer Kit Available
  • Optional Urethane Clear Coat Kit for added finish depth
  • Offered in gallon or quart kits for most colors

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    Urethane Color Kits

    Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes PCGK9 - Barrett-Jackson Restoration Paint Kits
    Urethane Color Kit
  • On Fire Red Metallic
  • Gallon
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