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Skyjacker Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport Series Lift Kits

Skyjacker Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport Series Lift Kits

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Skyjacker Sport Series Lift Kits for the Jeep Cherokee XJ are the go-to in leaf springs for the weekend warrior on a budget, but wanting a suspension system from a name you can trust. This new suspension system from Skyjacker will provide years of service, and the premium ride quality that synonymous with the name Skyjacker. As with all Skyjacker leaf springs, the leaf springs in these lift kits are tapered leaves, yielding more flex on the tips of the leaf. They also feature a Teflon tip insert installed in between the ends of each leaf, distributing the load more evenly across the whole spring pack. This results in a smoother ride, improved suspension travel and ease of installation.

  • Lift Kits For The Budget Minded Jeep Cherokee XJ Enthusiast
  • Tapered Leaves For Improved Flexibility
  • Smoother Ride And Improved Suspension Travel

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    3" Lift Kits
    Skyjacker JC31BKH -
    Sport Series Lift Kit
  • 1984-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • 2WD & 4WD
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