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Skyjacker Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

Skyjacker Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit

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There's a lot that goes into lifting a truck or SUV the right way. For certain vehicles, this involves correcting the angle of the drive shaft. When the front end is raised, the transfer case goes with it. Unfortunately, this lifts the drive shaft to a steep angle, causing annoying vibration throughout the vehicle. Plus, stress on the slip yoke can cause the rear shaft to snap.

Skyjacker's Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit solves the problem with a fixed yoke, 32-spline output shaft that can stand-up to off-road and on-road rigors. It also increases drive shaft length by 4.5", stopping vibration and stress.


  • The Skyjacker Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit is custom-made to fit your vehicle
  • Replaces the stock slip yoke in your transfer case with a fixed yoke that holds-up much better under stress
  • Skyjacker's Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit upgrades your output shaft with a large, 32-spline part
  • Boosts drive shaft length by 4.5"
  • Intricate installation takes several hours, requires both drive shaft and transfer case removal, along with intricate assembly (custom instructions included)
  • Lifetime Warranty

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