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Spectre Muscle Car Cold Air Intake Kits

Spectre Muscle Car Cold Air Intake Kits

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These innovative kits bring the advantages of cold air induction to muscle cars of the 60s and 70s, fat-fendered cars, hot rods and everything in-between. Cold air intake systems have long been utilized by racers because they understand that cold air equals more power. Fits carburetors and TBI throttle bodies with 5-1/8'' neck

These kits can allow an average V8 engine to produce up to 50HP more due to the cold air that they are designed to inhale (as opposed to hot air ingested by a typical round 14'' air cleaner). For every 10 degree drop in air temperature there is a 1-1-1/2 increase in HP. So air going through the radiator is heated to 180-200 degrees (the exhaust temperatures under the hood don't help either). On a typical summer day with outside temperatures at 90 degrees the difference is 110 degrees or 11-16% in HP. On a 400HP engine, that's 44-64 HP. That's Huge!

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Single Plenum Cold Air Kits

Cold Air Kit
  • Single Plenum w/Inline Air Box
  • Includes: Plenum, Inline Air Box, Black Duct Kit, (2) Duct Cuffs, Bracket Kit, Duct Plate & (4) Hose Clamps
  • Horsepower Rating: 625
  • CFM Rating: 900
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