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Stainless Steel Brakes Adjustable Master Cylinder Pushrod

Stainless Steel Brakes Adjustable Master Cylinder Pushrod

SSBC's Adjustable Pushrod gives you the ability to upgrade your factory brakes without having to customize or replace the pedals and linkages with expensive fabricated pieces. Sold individually or with attaching hardware and adapters. If you want stopping power without breaking the bank, take a "brake" and buy SSBC.

  • Universal adjustable pushrod
  • Works with both power and non-power brake systems
  • Save time and money by minimizing custom fabrication

  • 2 Products

    Pushrod Only

    Adjustable Pushrod
  • Drum-to-Disc Conversion
  • Minimum Length: 6"
  • Maximum Length: 7"
  • $48.99

    Pushrod Kit

    Adjustable Master Cylinder Pushrod Kit
  • Works with power and non-power applications
  • Includes adapters for 10 most common combinations
  • Accommodates eyelet, clevis & bell crank configurations
  • $62.99

    2 Products