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Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cables

Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cables

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All Steeda clutch cables features a stainless steel inner cable and low friction Teflon lining, along with a high-durometer bushing at the firewall for improved clutch response and cable life. This bushing is much more durable and will not prematurely split and fail like lesser bushings. Steeda is the only company with these features, making this the finest quality clutch cable you can get for your Mustang.

Steeda's stainless steel cable will not allow the cable to rust through and is more durable, unlike all other clutch cables on the market that are made from lesser quality galvanized steel.

Clutch adjustment can be adjusted by turning a nut at the end of the cable when the cable is used in combination with the required Steeda's aluminum quadrant.

Part number 172-0000 is designed specifically to be a direct bolt-on to '79-'95 Mustangs with V8 Engine Only. PN 172-0201 is the correct length and has the proper bracket for direct bolt-in replacement in any '96-'04 GT, Bullitt, or Cobra. PN 172-0301 is a non-adjustable, stock-replacement cable.

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Adjustable Clutch Cables

Steeda 172-0000 - Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cables
Adjustable Clutch Cable
  • 1979-95
  • $44.95
    Steeda 172-0201 - Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cables
    Adjustable Clutch Cable
  • 1996-2004
  • $44.95
    Steeda 172-0301 - Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cables
    Stock Replacement Clutch Cable
  • 1982-1993
  • $44.95
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    Adjustable Clutch Cable & Fork Kits

    Steeda 172-0000K - Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cables
    Adjustable Clutch Cable & Fork Kit
  • 1982-93 Mustang V8
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    Easy Kits

    4 Products