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Steeda Watt's Linkage Suspensions

Steeda Watt's Linkage Suspensions

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Replace your factory panhard bar with Steeda's Watts Linkage. Steeda's Watts Linkage eliminates the unwanted lateral motion inherent in the geometry of the factory panhard bar in its operating range. Eliminating the lateral movement of the axle will provide for a more stable and confidence inspiring feeling as your vehicle's suspension moves through its range of motion.

On a Watt's Link-equipped vehicle, the center pivot of the center link is the rear roll center. Steeda's Watts Linkage allows the center pivot to move up or down to adjust your roll center up or down. Further, the lateral links should be horizontal and the center link vertical with the vehicle at ride height. Steeda's Watts Linkage maintains this ideal geometry unlike the competition. When the links are not set up horizontal at ride height, there can be significant increases in scrub in one or both of the travel directions. In addition to the best performance, Steeda goes the extra mile to eliminate unwanted NVH with the use of polyurethane bushings.

This product is for the most discerning street performance enthusiast and also for those tracking their car. The loose axle feeling with the Panhard Bar (due to lateral axle movement) doesn't always inspire confidence when tossing the car around. The more stable feeling with a Watt's Linkage should allow a typical driver to control the car closer to the vehicle's limit.

Note: Will not fit convertibles

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Steeda 555-2525 - Steeda Watt's Linkage Suspensions
Watts Linkage Suspension
  • 2005-14 Mustang
  • Will not fit convertibles
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