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TCI Electric Brake Shut-Off

TCI Electric Brake Shut-Off

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Electric Solenoid Instantly Shuts Off Right Front Brake for Improved Corner Entry Handling and Changing Track Conditions

Racers want every advantage possible. The new TCI Electric Brake Shut-Off allows the driver to electrically shut off the right front brake caliper to enhance corner entry handling in dirt, circle track racing applications. The easy-to-install solenoid mounts directly into the brake line, anywhere between the master cylinder and caliper. A flip of the switch from the inside of the car by the driver activates the lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum encased, continuous duty solenoid. This high-quality solenoid blocks fluid flow to the right front caliper, eliminating the common "push or tight" condition experienced under corner entry braking.

The TCI Electric Brake Shut-Off has a compact solenoid design so it can be discretely mounted, regardless of your application. The heavy-duty solenoid handles up to 3000 psi and incorporates a waterproof seal to handle frequent high-pressure washings. Best of all, the solenoid requires only a single amp of current so it won't place a drain on your electrical system. The TCI Electric Brake Shut-Off works with all hydraulic brake systems, making it perfect for stock cars, modifieds and late models.

  • Electric solenoid instantly blocks right front brake for improved handling & changing track conditions
  • Manufactured from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum with waterproof seal
  • Ideal for stock cars, modifieds & late models
  • Works with all hydraulic brake systems
  • Compact design can be discretely mounted & wired to any accessory switch
  • Requires only a single amp of current - virtually no additional electrical burden

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    TCI 861200 - TCI Electric Brake Shut-Off
    Electric Brake Shut-Off
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