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TCI Throttle Valve Cable

TCI Throttle Valve Cable

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Throttle Valve Cables
The throttle valve cable (TV cable) is present in all modern cars with automatic transmissions. Many people believe that the TV cable is a detent downshift cable and that this is it's only function. In actuality, the TV cable controls line pressures, shift points, part throttle downshifts and detent downshifts. The cable functions similarly to the combination vacuum modulator/cable systems found on other automatic transmissions.

The TV cable is attached on one end to the throttle linkage and on the other end to the transmission. As the throttle is depressed, the cable is pulled, causing progressively later upshifts at higher throttle positions. Additionally, when the cable is pulled a certain amount (ideally, when the pedal is completely depressed), the transmission, if possible, is made to downshift.

  • Universal design is compatible with most applications
  • Fully adjustable so they can be used with various intake/carburetor combinations
  • Heavy-duty cable for increased durability and less chance of cable knotting up

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    TCI Throttle Value Cable
  • GM TH250/TH350

  • 890-376900
    TCI Throttle Value Cable
  • GM TH250/TH350
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    TCI Throttle Valve Cable
  • GM TH-700R4/TH-2004R

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    TCI Throttle Valve Cable
  • GM TH700R4/TH2004R
  • $35.99

    2 Products