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Thermo-Tec Battery Heat Barrier

Thermo Tec
Thermo-Tec Battery Heat Barrier

Thermo-Tec Battery Wrap keeps 90% of radiant heat from getting to your battery increasing your batteries' effectiveness and it also protects your car by absorbing and neutralizing the battery acid that might make it out. This protects your vehicle against corrosion and makes the mat safe to handle after it has been used.

The Battery Wrap is an inexpensive multi problem solution that is recyclable and environmentally friendly. The kit also includes an acid-absorbing battery pad for complete protection.
Made in the USA

  • Reflects 90% of Radiant Heat
  • Neutralizes Battery Acid
  • Recyclable and safe to handle after use

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    Thermo Tec 13200 - Thermo-Tec Battery Heat Barrier
    Battery Heat Barrier
  • 8 '' x 40''
  • $31.87

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