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Tilton Severe Duty Super Starters

Tilton Severe Duty Super Starters

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High Torque Super Starters!

Tilton's new 40000-Series Severe Duty Super Starter has been engineered to be the best Super Starter to date. An evolution of the venerable 20000-Series Super Starters, the 40000-Series benefit from 30+ years of knowledge gained from designing/building/servicing starters for some of the most punishing racing applications. Each component of the starter has been closely scrutinized by Tilton's engineers and thoroughly tested in the lab and at the race track. Every 40000-series super starter is made with top quality, 100% new components, assembled by highly trained technicians and individually dyno-tested to assure quality. 40000-Series Super Starters are designed for individuals that desire the most robust and high-performing starter available. Suitable for use on engines above 400 C.I.D. and/or greater than 10.5:1 compression ratio.

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Super Starter Replacement Parts
Tilton 54SD-021R-13 - Tilton Severe Duty Super Starters
Starter Drive Assembly
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