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TrailerWare Premium Trailer Wall Protection

TrailerWare Premium Trailer Wall Protection

TrailerWare Premium Wall Protection not only enhances the look of your trailer but also puts an end to the dings, rubs, and scuffs that are likely to happen in the tight space of your trailer. This premium wall protection is an impact absorbing, 1/4" thick foam insulated barrier that looks and feels like carpet. It's made of 100% durable polypropylene that will last for years and maintain a fresh look. Truly customizable-it reaches a full height of 48" on the trailer walls, and easily trims to fit around any outlets, cabinets or accessories. It's stain resistant to harsh chemicals, oil and water, cleans up easily and won't mold or mildew. TrailerWare is tough, and can stand up to rugged conditions. Protect what you're loading into your trailer, and keep it looking professional. Made in the U.S.A.!


  • Professional Appearance: With normal use standard walls will become scratched and stained. TrailerWare maintains a fresh look with virtually no maintenance.

  • Impact Absorbing Barrier: Prevents dings and scratches, bumps and bruises. Makes climbing in and out of your vehicle easier. Never again worry about banging your car door into the trailer wall.

  • Custom Fit: TrailerWare is a great option to customize your trailer. It can be tailored to work around switches, cabinets and other accessories.

  • Easy Installation: Both premium and standard kits include the wall covering material, aluminum extrusion rail and spray adhesive for installation.

  • Ultra Tough: TrailerWare is water and stain resistant. Its easy to maintain and holds up to harsh chemicals. It can be hosed off, vacuumed or swept as needed.

  • Sized To Fit: TrailerWare is offered in four popular sizes to meet your needs: 10-14ft, 15-24ft, 25-28ft, 29-32ft.

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