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Turbonetics By-Pass/Blow-Off Valves

Turbonetics By-Pass/Blow-Off Valves

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Godzilla Competition By-Pass/Blow-Off Valve Kits
A totally unique design! The ''Godzilla'' bypass valve assembly offers the ultimate in surge protection and cosmetic appeal. Highest flow capacity available - bar none! Aircraft-quality construction featuring a 1.8'' (45mm) diameter all stainless steel valve assembly and a totally sealed actuator assembly. All polished aluminum with a unique V-band mount that allows a full 360-degree orientation. Includes 2'' diameter discharge for system connection and weldable steel alloy and aluminum mounting flanges.

Street/Strip By-Pass Valves
Turbonetics By-Pass Valves are great insurance for upgraded turbos and streetable high-performance engines. This OEM quality lightweight compressor bypass valve features 1'' hose connections and the highest flow capacity for this size unit.

Duo-35 Blow-Off Valves
This exclusive blow-off valve features a dual cross tunnel discharge system with various discharge designs. You can use one or two GT-K inspired horns to vent the pressurized air directly to atmosphere for that extra loud discharge. Without the horn, you can recirculate for tuning purposes and quieter operation.

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Godzilla Competition By-Pass/Blow-Off Valves

Godzilla BP/BOV Valves
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