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VaraRam C6 Snake Charmer Ram Air

VaraRam C6 Snake Charmer Ram Air

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With a year of R&D under its belt, the heavy-duty Snake Charmer is based on the original VR-B2 Corvette C5 unit. VaraRam applied data gathered from twelve special B2 units that were constructed for racing only. The goals were to maximize peak cfm and time-to-peak manifold pressure. Focusing on time-to-peak pressure, which occurs at shift recovery, helps general drivability, shooting off the corners, and overall peak performance. This shows up in the form of torque & lots of it. Like all VaraRam units, the Snake Charmer was not designed for pulling air... it was designed for ramming. Its shape and aero package are engineered to be the most efficient possible at all speeds ranging from 10 to 180 mph.

2-Step Construction Process
The upper section is roto molded to ensure a seamless internal aero package leading into the air meter. The lower scoop is vacuum formed to allow modification to suit specific applications for more flexibility and performance in street or race use. The Snake Charmer is built so even a downpour doesn't affect its performance. You'd almost have to submerge the car's nose to cause any damage.

Washable/Reusable Filter
The Snake Charmer's filter features deeper pleats and more pleats per inch than other filters. Its peaks and valleys have been opened to further increase flow capacity per square inch. The result: a compact high-flow filter that outflows comparable K&N filters by over 30% while also providing better filtration. The Snake Charmer is 108% to 123% efficient depending on the filter used.

Horsepower Gains
Adds up to 40+ Horsepower, 3.5 tenths quicker and 3+ MPH faster throughout 1/4 mile. Adds 8-10 MPH to Top Speed!

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VaraRam VR-SC1 - VaraRam C6 Snake Charmer Ram Air
C6 Snake Charmer Ram Air
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