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VaraRam Chevrolet Silverado King Cobra Ram Air Kit

VaraRam Chevrolet Silverado King Cobra Ram Air Kit

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Need More Power?
Vara-Ram is proud to introduce the all new VR-King Cobra ram air series for all 99-2004 Chevrolet Silverado. This is the most powerful, highest performance intake system that you can buy!
The VR King Cobra lives up to the VR reputation by producing over 30HP and 30+ft lbs of Torque through the curve by directing air from the grill directly into the intake port, hidden behind the headlight assembly and fender.

  • Cobra box uses multiple venturi system to accelerate air flow in a true cold air system that is over 100% efficient (compared to our best competitors 80% on a dyno and 60% under actual road loads)
  • The system will produce up to 2+ psi of pressure in the manifold at shift recovery producing stunning 0-60 mph improvements on every Chevrolet Silverado, putting the power where you can use it.
  • Flows up to 1278 CFM
  • Increases gas mileage 1-3 MPG
  • Increases throttle response and acceleration
  • A water system featuring a drop away floor to drain any water that may enter the system (up to 2 gallons every 30 seconds)
  • Air filter included
  • A quick and easy installation that uses existing bolt holes. Not cutting or drilling required - estimated 15 min ram air installation
  • Comes Standard with VR Red Filters

    The King Cobra kits were designed from day one to be used daily to enhance vehicle performance beyond what a conventional cold air box can do, without sacrificing the durability or the value of the vehicle. The unit uses a ram air effect from the upper plenum chamber to accelerate air past the secondary bottom venturi. This decreases the time to peak velocity by 10%. This gives the system the same velocity at 10 mph that a ram air system generates at 80mph, which helps to increase low end acceleration for your truck or SUV.

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    VaraRam VR-6 - VaraRam Chevrolet Silverado King Cobra Ram Air Kit
    Ram Air Kit
  • 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado
  • 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, and 8.1L
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