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VaraRam Velocity Stacks

VaraRam Velocity Stacks

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The VR velocity stack was designed to reshape the factory throttle-body in order to boost air flow velocity at each given RPM. The overall shape of each VR velocity stack has undergone some of the most intensive airflow research that we have ever done to produce the best overall shape for each engine's airflow requirements.

Performance Gains:

  • Designed to produce power and torque throughout the RPM range
  • Increases throttle response
  • Increases gas mileage
  • Increases acceleration
  • Eliminates the need for a ported throttle-body by smoothing and reshaping the throttle-body entrance to increase the incoming air velocity at each given RPM
  • Installs in just minutes!

2 Products
VaraRam VR-3 - VaraRam Velocity Stacks
Velocity Stack
  • 1996-06 GM Trucks/Suv's
  • 1997-04 C5 Corvettes
  • 1998-02 F-Bodies LS1
  • $37.42
    VaraRam VR-4 - VaraRam Velocity Stacks
    Velocity Stack
  • 1996-06 GM Truck/Suv's V6
  • 1998-02 F-Bodies V6
  • $32.97

    2 Products