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Wilwood ''BP-30'' Compound Brake Pads

Wilwood ''BP-30'' Compound Brake Pads

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  • Provides increased friction levels with extended temperature range over BP-20.
  • Medium-high friction compound with good cold response.
  • Smooth, predictable engagement with excellent control over a wide range of applications.
  • Long wearing pad in the middle temperature ranges with moderate wear in sustained high heat conditions.
  • Easily bedded without abrasion on new iron or steel rotors.

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    Wilwood 150-9863K - Wilwood ''BP-30'' Compound Brake Pads
    Wilwood BP-30 Pads
  • Thickness: .49"
  • Area: 6.36in²
  • Volume: 2.1in³
  • Beded: N
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