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Wilwood EXP 600 Plus Super Hi-Temp Racing Brake Fluid

Wilwood EXP 600 Plus Super Hi-Temp Racing Brake Fluid

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EXP 600 Plus is a highly refined blend designed for extreme performance under the high heat and extreme pressure of professional motorsports.

What's in a number?
EXP 600 Plus has tested to 626° F with a wet boiling point of 417° F. These numbers far exceed any DOT or SAE specifications.

What's the real test?
It is true that racing fluids need to have high boiling points, as well as low moisture affinity to slow the natural absorption rate of water vapor. But the real test of any fluid is at the track: How well does it resist aeration and compressibility after being heated and pressure cycled a few hundred times? EXP 600 Plus has been proven to maintain firm pedal feel and quick response, long after others have failed.

Where's the proof?
A Winston Cup car running 500 laps at Martinsville is the most grueling brake test in all of motorsports. The brakes will be applied up to 1,000 times, plus pit stops, at sustained high heat and repeated high pressure. IRL, CART, ASA, Busch, Craftsman Truck, and many other oval and road course competition series demand the best from their brake systems. EXP 600 Plus has passed the test every time!

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Super Hi-Temp Brake Fluid

EXP 600 Plus Racing Brake Fluid
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