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Wilwood SL6R 6 Piston Radial Mount Billet Aluminum Brake Caliper

Wilwood SL6R 6 Piston Radial Mount Billet Aluminum Brake Caliper

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Lightweight Package, Heavy Duty Performance!

Wilwood's Billet Superlite 6R (SL6R) furthers the legendary Superlite caliper series by adding the ease and versatility of the radial mount design. Radial mounting simplifies installation and gives you a couple of adjustment planes for accurate alignment over the disc. Wilwood integrated ''Big Brake'' technology to produce unmatched stopping power in extreme conditions in a wide variety of competition vehicles.

The key to the superior performance of the Billet Superlite 6R comes from the extremely durable and efficient body design. Starting at 4.84 pounds it is the product of computer generated solid modeling and FEA stress analysis technology. Full length stiffening ribs and a reinforced radial transition from the piston bore housings to the closed end bridges has produced the strongest SL caliper bodies ever built. When compared to open bridge calipers that use tube or stand spacers between the body halves, the closed end bridge design is measurably stronger with less separation or deflection under load. Additional strength and resistance to deflection comes from the four high-strength steel end bridge bolts. A fifth center bridge bolt provides even more overall strength and easy access to the pads without the need to remove the caliper from the mount.

A unique six-piston differential bore configuration provides balanced loading for even pad wear in sustained high heat environments. The standard SL6R calipers feature one-piece stainless steel pistons. Stainless is used for its slow heat transfer properties and high resistance to corrosion. The SL6R/ST models feature Wilwood's exclusive Thermlock pistons. This multi-part piston design creates a highly efficient thermal barrier to further reduce heat transfer from the pads to caliper body, seals, and fluid. Cooler temperatures translate to longer service life and less chance for heat induced pedal fade.

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In addition, each SL6R is equipped with SRS bridge plates. SRS plates eliminate all bridge wear caused by pad gouging and extend the service life of the caliper. The spring-loaded action of the SRS plates also eliminates pad rattle and dampens the harmonic vibrations that contribute to pad squeal. Two piece bleed screws and dampened fluid tubes are recess mounted to shield them from track debris and other potential damage sources. High temperature, square faced bore seals provide the largest possible sealing area and controlled piston retraction on release. The full range of Wilwood pad compounds is available to match the brake response and heat range of any competition or sports driving application.

Calipers in this group feature a full width reinforced rib outboard body for maximum strength when caliper to hub or caliper to wheel clearance is not an issue. These calipers are primarily used for asphalt stock cars, road racing, and other competition applications with small 5 on 5 or other OE type lug patterns. The caliper bridge radius will clear rotors from 11.75'' to 13.00'' in overall diameter. Each caliper in this group uses 7420 type 20mm thick pads
  • Lightweight, starting at just 4.84 pounds
  • Unique six piston differential bore configuration for even pad wear
  • Standard and narrow width option for virtually every application
  • Black anodized to provide a durable long lasting finish
  • Fits rotors from 11.75'' to 13.00'' in diameter, and widths from .81'' to 1.25''

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    SL6R/ST Brake Calipers
  • Thermolock Pistons
  • 1.62'' / 1.12'' / 1.12'' Piston Bore Sizes
  • 1.25'' Brake Disc Width
  • Wilwood 120-6144-RS - Wilwood SL6R 6 Piston Radial Mount Billet Aluminum Brake Caliper
    SL6R/ST 6 Piston Brake Caliper
  • Radial Mount
  • Thermolock Pistons
  • 1.62'' / 1.12'' / 1.12'' Piston Bore Sizes
  • 1.25'' Brake Disc Width
  • Left Hand, Rear-of-Rotor Mount
  • Black Anodize Finish
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