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World Products Small Block Chevy Motown 220 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads

World Products
World Products Small Block Chevy Motown 220 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads

Perfect Cylinder Head for Big-Inch Small Block Chevy Engines!

Designed to provide an even greater intake charge than the Sportsman II, World's Motown 220 clearly rates as the ultimate small block cast iron head. It features the latest high tech 64cc chambers and RightCast 220cc runners to provide a combination of excellent flow and high velocity. With high-flow ports and standard intake valves, World Products Motown 220 heads are the ideal compliment to large displacement small blocks (383ci and larger).

Technical Specifications
  • Material: High density cast iron
  • Valve Seats: Integral intake, hardened steel exhaust
  • Valve Guides: Integral cast iron
  • Valve Spring Seats: Machined for 1.550'' springs
  • Valve Size: 2.080'' x 1.600''
  • Accessory Flange: Stock locations, 7-bolt universal pattern
  • Included In Assembly: Erson stainless steel valves, ring and band (-2 models) or PC (-3 models) style seals, 1.440'' (-2 models) or 1.550'' (-3 models) valve springs, Erson 7° (-2 models) or 10° (-3 models) chrome moly retainers, and keepers.

    Recommended Installation Items
  • Head Gaskets: Fel-Pro 375-1003 or equivalent
  • Pushrods: Requires heat-treated pushrods. Use of 1.6 ratio rocker arms requires elongation of pushrod holes.
  • Screw-in Studs: 3/8" or 7/16" with 7/16"-14 base thread
  • Pushrod Guidplates: Flat 5/16" Erson 601 or equivalent
  • Spark Plugs: Accepts 14mm .460'' reach tapered seat 5/8'' hex (AC Delco R43TS or R44TS or equivalent)
  • Intake Gasket: Fel-Pro 375-1205 or equivalent
  • Exhaust Gasket: Fel-Pro 375-1404 or equivalent

    Machine Shop Specifications
  • Maximum Valve Diameter: 2.125'' x 1.600'' or 2.080'' x 1.625''
  • Maximum Spring Seat Depth (from inside step): .030''
  • Maximum Spring Diameter: 1.550''
  • Approximate Milling Guideline (varies with depth): .0065'' per cc
  • Maximum Flat Mill Depth (up to intake seat): .040''
  • Maximum Angle Mill (approx. 50-52cc volume): .175'' depth

    Note: Specs are for reference only. ALWAYS measure before machining.

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    Small Block Chevy Motown 220 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads
    World Products 014150 -
    Small Block Chevy Motown 220 Cast Iron Cylinder Head
  • 220cc Intake Port
  • 64cc Combustion Chambers
  • Cut for 2.080'' Int/1.600'' Exh Valves
  • Angle Plug
  • Bare Head, Sold Individually
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