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ZEX Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System

ZEX Nitrous
ZEX Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System

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The ZEX Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System is often times quicker in the quarter mile than a single stage system because it gradually adds the nitrous power in two separately controlled stages, instead of one big, tire spinning hit. The first nitrous stage is activated automatically when you go to wide-open throttle and the second stage activates when you press the activation push-button. The Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System includes jets for adding an extra 50-300 horsepower and is a complete kit, right down to the wire ties.

The Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System incorporates several nitrous technology breakthroughs, making it the perfect choice for serious nitrous users. One such patent-worthy advancement is ZEX™ Fuel Shear technology, which injects the enrichment fuel directly into the center of the nitrous plume, yielding total and even fuel atomization. Active Fuel Control is a technology advancement where fuel enrichment is automatically adjusted in accordance with bottle pressure, so your system is never too rich or too lean, despite bottle pressure fluctuation.

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Dual Stage EFI Nitrous System
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