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ZEX Hyperformance Spark Plugs

ZEX Nitrous
ZEX Hyperformance Spark Plugs

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ZEX engineers realized early on that factory style spark plug designs are very prone to detonation in nitrous and forced induction engines. Factory style spark plugs tend to have a high heat range and a long ground strap. This is fine for stock combustion pressures and temperatures, but it is very dangerous in a nitrous or forced induction performance engine.

Under nitrous use or boost, factory style spark plugs tend to overheat in just a few seconds. This overheating causes the spark plug ground strap and center electrode to turn into a "glow plug". This condition causes air and fuel in the combustion chamber to pre-ignite and detonate, causing engine damage. ZEX is the only nitrous system manufacturer with specific spark plugs manufactured for the unique requirements that nitrous and forced induction engines have. ZEX Hyperformance spark plugs have an optimal heat range and ground strap design that maximizes the safety and performance of your nitrous or forced induction engine.

  • Pre-gapped for optimum performance on nitrous, turbo and supercharged applications
  • Heat range designed specifically for nitrous, turbo and supercharged applications
  • Excellent thermal dissipation for improved resistance to detonation

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