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JEGS has a crate motor for just about every need. Whether you have a daily driver or full out race car, we have a crate motor to satisfy your need for speed. If you're an accomplished engine builder, then building your own engine is probably the way to go. You can custom build exactly what you want with no compromises. For those of us who aren't professional builders or who lack the tools to build a high performance beast, crate motors are a great option! There are a number of advantages to buying a crate motor over building your own high performance engine. Engine building tools are an investment. If you don't have them and can't borrow them, you'll spend some money on tools. Crate engines from JEGS are built by professional engine builders from companies that are known for quality and consistency in their builds. Most crate motors come with a great warranty to back up your purchase. Almost all of our engines have confirmed dyno specifications for horsepower and torque so you know exactly what your new crate engine can do.

GM Performance Crate Motors

Shop crate enginesGM Performance is the leader in the Chevy crate engine market. With a great lineup of LS, small block and big block chevy engines, you can find a GM Performance crate motor to get you going. GM Performance offers engine kits ready to assemble, engine blocks and turn key Chevy crate engines. You choose the crate engine that's right for you. All engines come with dyno sheets so you know you're getting the right motor for your needs. Crate engines come with an industry leading warranty. Since it's GM Performance, you know it's a quality engine.

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Edelbrock Crate Motors

Shop crate engines A trusted name in high performance, Edelbrock delivers big with a great lineup of crate motors for hot rodders and performance enthusiasts. Almost all of the Edelbrock crate engines are small block Ford and Chevy crate motors with a variety of horsepower and torque combinations. Edelbrock uses quality components to build high performance engine packages that perform well and look great. They dyno their engine packages to verify horsepower and torque numbers. Edelbrock crate motors have a warranty that's right up there with the best in the industry!

Blueprint Crate Engines

Shop crate engines Blueprint crate engines have a reputation for being quality built crate motors that you can rely on. They spend time building them right and offer a great warranty. Blueprint has several crate engines to choose from. Whether you're building a budget cruiser, high end hot rod or race car, Blueprint has a crate motor to suit your needs.

Ford Racing Crate Engines

Shop crate engines You Ford guys will love the engine lineup from Ford Racing. You have several displacement options for small block Ford (Windsors). Ford builds them in 302, 347, 351 and 392 cubic engine versions. Or, step up to a 4.6 based Mod motor. To round out the collection, Ford Racing also builds the 521 big block with massive torque numbers!

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