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Airflow Research (AFR) Cylinder Heads & More

People trust Air Flow Research heads for performance and value. For over thirty years, Air Flow Research has been engineering cylinder heads that deliver unmatched flow and power output. AFR heads are flow-tested and subjected to a rigorous quality control process to ensure maximum performance in all applications. Airflow Research products find themselves on the fastest race cars and the most powerful street machines in the country. Airflow Research mission is to manufacture the highest quality, best performing cylinder heads and JEGS has the lowest prices on all of AFR cylinder heads with in-stock inventory ready to ship to your door.

Airflow Research Information

Some of the fastest race cars in the country use Airflow Research cylinder heads. That should be enough to convince anyone to run AFR Heads on their race car. Not convinced? Heads are the wild card in horsepower development. Most other engine components are straight forward. Most of the time you want the lightest and/or strongest crankshaft you can get. Cylinder heads are a different story. Altering the air flow in the heads can help or hurt horsepower. That's why Airflow puts so much time into developing the best shaped and contoured combustion chambers that outflow other heads. Flow is what helps a head to develop horsepower. Airflow Research heads definitely flow!

Back in the 1970-80 timeframe, Airflow Research was new, but providing some of the best ported heads of their day to some big name racers of the day. Some big names in drag racing ran AFR ported heads - like: Bob Glidden, Warren Johnson and Frank Iaconio. Glidden was a winning machine in the NHRA Pro Stock class. His Ford ran AFR cylinder heads.

The next decade brought more interesting work to Airflow Research. GM asked AFR to consult on new head designs to improve them on the SB Chevy engine. AFR also became involved with NASCAR, porting heads for some big names: Richard Petty, Darrel Waltrip, Harry Gant, Cale Yarbrough, Richard Childress and Jr. Johnson.

More recently, AFR began making their own cylinder heads and porting their own castings. This allowed them more control over the entire head development process. Airflow Research is still developing new and improved cylinder heads over 30 years after their first versions. Their racing history has given them a uniqe ability to make cylinder heads flow so you can build the horsepower you want.