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AGR Power Steering Box Upgrades

AGR offers a great upgrade for you off-roaders that want reliable power steering on your off road rig. Most 4x4's that get off road are upgraded with big tires. This automatically puts more strain on the stock steering gears. If you run lower air pressure, the vehicle is even harder to turn. AGR offers power steering upgrades so you can have reliable power steering that works all day on the trail so you can enjoy your trail ride. AGR offers power steering boxes to replace stock units as well as heavy duty and higher pressure power steering pumps. These power steering units are durable and made for the harshness that off roading can dish out.

Many AGR power steering applications are available to add PS to street cars as well. Older muscle cars that had no power steering can be upgraded to add enjoyment to your cruise! If you have a worn out steering box, AGR units are the perfect replacement.